28 August 2011

"Cadeaux"- photo session for Vogue Paris

Here comes the new photosession named "Cadeaux" by Sharif Hamza, for Vogue Paris magazine. 3 girls (2 of them are just 6 years old, 3rd one is 10) are modeling as grown ups - make up, glamurous gowns and accessories.

I have very mixed feelings when I watch it. It reminded me of a case from my childhood. When I was a child, we've been staying in our countryside house with my aunt and cousins. Once, I've been playing with my cousins, and asked my aunt to put make up on our faces. We wanted to look beautiful, well every girl wants to .. she did so. I was feeling soooo good! then my father came in, and he was furious, he asked us to clean our faces, and I was upset.

But now I understand him.. I watch theses pictures, and I don't feel comfortable. They are kids that are being used by adults for making money. Though , they are extremely beautiful, I must confess. Well, again, I also understand the parents who want them to be successful models, but I don't think that this is the best way to make your kid successful..


  1. Eta istoriya mne o4en znakoma :)

    Eti deti prekrasni,no soglasna 4to nelzya ispolzovat detey i tak rano otbirat u nix detstvo,oni eshe uspeyut virosti!!! Slava,dengi i populyarnost eto vse horosho no v tom vozraste kogda oni budut osoznovat vse sami, i sami smogut sdelat svoy vibor!!!!

  2. soqlasna s vami. nado dat vozmojnost rebenku virosti i sdelat svoy vibor. Roditeli ne doljni nazavivat budushee kotoroe sami xotat, a doljni viyavlat talanti svoix detey i napravlat ix.

    Jizn modeley kajetsa ochen krasivoy, no na samom dele tam mnoqo "podvodnix kamney".. lucshe esli chelovek zarabativayet na jizn mozqami, a ne vneshnostyu..

    spasibo za otziv :)