27 August 2011

Death is nearby- Hyundai Velostar ad ;)

Haha, this is the Hyundai Velostar TV commercial , which was not approved by Hyundai management.

Hyundai Velostar is a car which has one door on the left and 2 doors on the right side. Creative team decided to promote this feature and emphasize security. However, Hyundai management didn't like the TVC saying that it is "too shocking". To be honest, if I were Hyundai's Marketing Director I wouldn't approve it either for the following reasons:

1. It doesn't say much about the "product"- Hyundai Velostar car
2. Even if you watch it 3-4 times, you won't understand that there is no door on the left, and it is about the doors..basically, it is not clear what they are trying to say

Though, it is funny.

Creative agency: Fitzroy, director Tom Rijpert (Netherlands)

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